Blogger seeks mission

A newbie blogger, one month old, had one intention in setting up a blog: I wanted to learn about the blogosphere and the whole concept of blogging through plunging in and experimenting. So, what have I learned?

  • The astounding creativity of other people’s blogs
  • The nuts and bolts of setting up a blog – Phew. I did it!
  • Basic blog terminology – themes, categories, tags, posts, blocks, etc.
  • Writing a blog every day is hard work unless you have a strong theme
  • Blogging is interactive – connecting with other bloggers is fascinating
  • Statistics don’t always lie – must try harder
  • The importance of the blogger’s voice and tone
  • The importance of having a mission statement or plan for your blog
  • The need to identify who my potential reader could be
  • Blogging can be addictive and fun
  • Adding photos makes a blog more appealing
  • Which of my blog topics appear to work and which don’t
  • Regular blogging helps the skill of writing
  • The need for an ABOUT page
  • The importance of good headlines

I am sure there are many other things I have learned but am not consciously aware of their impact on how I might blog in the future. One thing I do know is how much I have learned about blogging from visiting other bloggers sites. Very inspiring.

Thank you to those bloggers that visited my site, liked my posts and made comments. It has been good learning about you. You inspire me to continue blogging. Any advice welcome.

A newbie blogger seeking a mission statement.