Return of the Blogger

Blogger’s block is now broken by circumstance and through the cracks a new creativity cautiously creeps. 2020, I resolved in January would be the year my blog leapt into life. The first quarter yielded diddly-squat (no that isn’t a modern yoga posture). Then Covid-19 crept into our consciousness and life as we had known it was transformed within a few weeks. Without much warning I suddenly find myself with more time on my hands as my yoga business drys up and I twiddle my thumbs wondering what to do.

Initially there was a numbness – a common symptom of shock – and a sense of unreality as though I was just in a nightmare that I could wake up from. As each day passed the reality of the situation leaked into my bones. This situation was real and though it will pass eventually (ever hopeful), it was going to take some time.  The first emotion that gripped me was a fear for the safety of family, friends and acquaintances and this extended to everyone everywhere whoever they were. And of course this fear was the inevitable fear we all have of the likelihood of death.

To feel alive my yoga practice has become ever more important.  Spending two hours a day on my yoga practice with emphasis on sun salutations and strong energetic postures got through the first week of lockdown. I felt strong, vital, energised and ready to tackle anything.  The second week (has it really been that long) my practice still has the vinyasa element but added to it is the need to refine and tune back into the classic yoga postures such as the headstand and the shoulder stand with more diligence.  And of course there is the relaxation,  meditation and the chanting.  There is something soothing about chanting mantras.

Along with renewed enthusiasm about my own yoga practice I am also ready to blog again. The character of this blog will change from its original incarnation which ground to a finite halt.  From now on the posts will be more about my personal interest in living life gracefully in order to enhance longevity. Out of every crisis and challenge, creativity comes.  New life is breathed into fusty ways of living, fusty habits, fusty institutions.  Welcoming the New …cropped-DSC01602-1.jpg