Nature’s art: inviting the bee

Tulip @ Sanandi-jacq

Nature’s invitation to the bee to dine is both sensual and divine. The delicacy and intricacy of a flower’s beckoning design flaunts itself in diverse and various patternings and forms. Without shame nor modesty the flower calls to the bee: ‘Come hither and feast. Through you our species will spread and prosper’.

Viola @ Sanandi-jacq
viola @ Sanandi-jacq
Nasturtium @ Sanandi-jacq
Peony @ Sanandi-Jacq
viola @ Sanandi-jacq

Selfless Bee

Can we neglect the selfless honey bee? ~

Pollen collector from flowers and crops. ~

Tireless worker of the hive colony, ~

Performing a duty that never stops. ~

Mankind’s farming habits threaten the hive ~

Bee colonies lost to insecticide. ~

Landscape modified so bees cannot thrive ~

With bees in decline, mankind’s suicide? ~

But, ma nature has alternative plans. ~

She sends viruses, floods, storms and wild fire. ~

Over the planet her fury spans. ~

To revenge bee slaughter man shall expire. ~

Go each one and sow seeds in abundance. ~

Selfless be for planet and descendants. ~

Photo credit: Sanandi-jacq

~ Sanandi-jacq 2019 ~