Nature Musings

Percy’s narrow escape

Percy Pigeon is depressed

Percy loses out on the relationship stakes once again.

Percy Pigeon Perches and Pouts

A pigeon with a deformed right leg has taken to visiting our garden. It looks as though when it was a squab it fought off a predator in the nest and as a result of the ensuing fight its leg was injured. We call the pigeon Percy. He coos for a mate daily and occasionally a female joins him on a branch but the relationship never takes off. Poor Percy cannot gain purchase on the female because of his deformed limb. So much of the time he is disappointed in love. He sits calling for ages but the female is off with another male. Percy often sits bedraggled and scruffy on the balcony railing – the only place where he can rest his belly and let his deformed limb rest over the edge. I don’t know what is going to become of Percy. Pigeons are very sociable birds and are usually seen in pairs. There must be someone out there for him! A blackbird with one white feather on its tail has befriended him recently. They are often seen together.

Watch this space for the continuing story.

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