Tree stump creature

Tree stump that takes the shape of a supplicating creature made me stop in my tracks the other day. It seems normal for us to seek out the features of faces all around us.The psychology of survival perhaps. Does anyone else see the same creature looking up towards the sky?

Seeing creatures in tree stumps © Sanandi-jacq

Nature’s art: inviting the bee

Tulip @ Sanandi-jacq

Nature’s invitation to the bee to dine is both sensual and divine. The delicacy and intricacy of a flower’s beckoning design flaunts itself in diverse and various patternings and forms. Without shame nor modesty the flower calls to the bee: ‘Come hither and feast. Through you our species will spread and prosper’.

Viola @ Sanandi-jacq
viola @ Sanandi-jacq
Nasturtium @ Sanandi-jacq
Peony @ Sanandi-Jacq
viola @ Sanandi-jacq

Egyptian Goose Haiku

Far from Africa ~

Sacred goose free to settle ~

And flaunt its beauty.

© Sanandi-jacq

The Egyptian Goose is a native of Africa specifically around the Nile Valley and south of the Sahara. This goose was considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. It has become popular as an ornamental bird and is now found much further afield in Western Europe and the USA.

Egyptian Goose along Thames Valley Towpath. UK April 2019 Photo credit: Sanandi-jacq