Kathmandu trip 1990s

Central Kathmandu 1990 Photo © Sanandi-jacq
Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal Photo © Sanandi-jacq
Kathmandu Photo © Sanandi-jacq

In the 1990s I travelled to Nepal for two weeks to explore Kathmandu. I stayed with family who were working there at the time. During this trip I met Robina Courtin – a Western Tibetan Buddhist nun who inspired me to enquire into Buddhism. Whilst on the trip I experienced for the first time the burning ghats. It is without doubt that this experience of witnessing bodies burning by the river acted as a memento mori of the inevitability of death. As a result of this trip the reality of the impermanence of life struck home. Following the experience I became a keen reader of eastern philosophy.