Blogging books

As a newbie blogger three months ago I needed some help setting up a blog even though I had recent experience in digital publishing working in a publishing house. Looking around the numerous blogging books available the three publications I have found most useful are listed below. If any of you awesome bloggers know of any recent books or even blog sites to recommend regarding blogging advice I would love to hear from you.

  • Houghton, Robin (2015), The Golden Rules of Blogging (and when to break them), ILEX PRESS
  • Sabin-Wilson, Lisa (2017), WordPress for dummies, 8th Edition, for dummies®️A Wiley Brand
  • Williams, Richard N. (2014, How to blog made easy, FLAME TREE PUBLISHING

I still have much to learn about blogging. The journey is both enlightening and fascinating. By just throwing myself into it I have probably learned more than reading all the books though.

The above three titles are great reference books on a bloggers shelf (a digital shelf perhaps!). I could have written full book reviews on these books but given the dates of publication I thought they’d probably been through the reviewing mill so I have just listed the books for your reference.

Thanks to all those bloggers who have liked posts during my baby steps into the blogosphere. I am stunned at the boundless creativity out there and enjoy exploring other people’s blogs. Blog on …