Integration of yoga postures

One of the main goals of yoga is to relax body and mind so that the individual can touch the still point within – the point of inner intuition.

At the end of the physical practice of yoga the posture of savasana (literally corpse pose) is fundamental to integrating the physical and mental changes that have occurred as the result of practice. This pose held for about 10 minutes minimum allows the body to rebalance and the mind and spirit to relax. Anyone who leaves a yoga class before the relaxation is missing a vitally important section of the class.

It is also true to say that any type of strenuous physical practice such as walking, swimming, running or cycling can also bring us to a point of great physical relaxation so that the mind and spirit have a chance to relax completely and enjoy ‘what is’. After seven days of walking 15 miles a day on the Camino Franc├ęs to Santiago there came a point where the body was so gloriously fatigued. I lay down in savasana on the allotted Albergue bunk bed and felt a deep sense of relaxation and lightness of being.

In yoga it is not only the corpse pose that aids integration of the physical postures but also the practice of meditation. Simply sitting quietly with the eyes closed and focussing on the breath after a hatha yoga session can over time draw the individual to the ‘still point’ within.

Photo and painting: Sanandi-jacq