Our daily yogic breath

Daily sitting focussing on the breath brings the mind to a calmer place. Less swirling of random thoughts. Less room for the inner critic. More room for awareness. More spaciousness and peace.

Twenty minutes regular practice in two sessions – one in the morning and one in the evening – eases stress and anxiety in everyday life.

Meditation on the breath has the added benefit of making the mind more creative when off the mat. Well worth the time.


6 comments on “Our daily yogic breath”
    1. sanandi-jacq says:

      Thank you for directing me to that post. Very helpful information.

  1. If one can’t sit on the floor and can’t cross legs, what is best chair position?

    1. sanandi-jacq says:

      Feet need to be on the floor and spaced about hip width apart and parallel if possible. The heel, base of the big toe, base of the little toe of each foot touching the floor. In other words grounding the feet. Knees above the ankles. Thighs parallel with the floor. Buttocks equally weighted. Spine lifted and shoulder back and down if possible. Resting the hands on the thighs or cupping one on top of the other or any other restful position. Often called the Egyptian position. No crossing of the legs!

      1. Thank you so much!!

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