Lifelong dancing

Life is for dancing. Whatever stage of life you are at – dance. Whatever struggle you are going through with your life – dance. For any reason whatsoever – dance! There is no need to learn specific steps. Your body knows how it wants to move if you will just listen to it. Dance can be the most liberating activity. You may be feeling low, depressed, anxious and alone but put on a piece of music and move your body as it intuits it needs to move and after a while the endorphins kick in and dopamine floods your system and everything changes and you are more liberated and the body feels freer in the joints and muscles. The mood lifts and energy levels return. There is nothing quite like dance.

Whatever age you are you can dance. You may be fairly immobile but you can still dance with your hands. You can dance on your chair and utilise your imagination to take you to another realm of mobility. The mind can move the body, the body can move the mind. In movement liberation of the spirit happens. Moods lift. The joints and muscles become freer. You are moving in the moment.

Dance, dance. Wherever you will be.

Photo collage credit: Sanandi-jacq