Always a writer

I have always been a writer but the audience has mainly been myself. Journalling and scribbling notes in a notebook has been a joy over the years. Yet there have also been years of drought. It is in the years of drought when I should have been writing because they were probably the most significant years and moments of my life.

Time passes. I wonder what legacy I can leave to give a flavour to what my unique life has been about. It is with this intention that I have turned to writing a blog. Somehow the idea of sharing thoughts with others appeals. I can’t say I have some great message to share. Just simple observations about topics that interest me.

I am not just a journal scribbler but also a secret creative writer. I have written poems and short stories and I started a novel some years ago. Alas, many of these creative endeavours never saw the light of day. Many ideas clamour in my head but I know the only way I am ever going to let them out of the head space is to start writing about anything and everything and keep on writing until one day the urgency of a novel spills out upon the page.

Until that day I continue scribbling away to myself and also blogging about things I enjoy such as nature, yoga and dance. Who knows what inspiration the writing will unlock.

Blogging on … there is a whole exciting bloggers’ world out there.