Yoga #6 Wiggling the toes

Yoga is for everyone whatever age group. The secret is in modifying the postures according to the needs of the body. In yoga there is a series of movements called the joint-freeing series. This series can be performed at any age. The joint-freeing series starts with wiggling the toes and finishes with gentle neck movements. … Continue reading Yoga #6 Wiggling the toes

Remember Terry P and hat!

Recall Pratchett's hat~ for its wildly creative ~ imag-in-ation. ~ Sanandi-jacq ~ Remembering an author Terry Pratchett - author of numerous novels in the comic fantasy genre - left his mortal body after a long fight with a rare form of Alzheimers disease on 12th March 2015. Honoured because he had a great capacity to … Continue reading Remember Terry P and hat!

Story-of-the-day 10/06/19

Warning: An absurd tale based on a doodled dud photo! Just for fun! Delilah, carefully navigating a coastal path, found herself soaring above the path into the presence of Ogwin. Ogwin using his Oggswoop (a kind of giant magnifying glass) had swept the coastal paths searching for interesting life (rather like fossil-hunting but the beings … Continue reading Story-of-the-day 10/06/19